Dating from 2006, an annual property/garden maintenance with an array of projects managed including: pool work, paving and patios, roofing, electrical and plumbing works…

Pete and Vicky Jarvis offer a quality of service, which we know would be hard to find a match for. Not only are they fair and competitive in their pricing structures, but they also strive to get the best deals available for the work or equipment they provide and always offer alternative ways forward for each project undertaken.
As non-resident French homeowners, we have always felt assured by the continuing support of Aspect Plus, not just for the larger project work but also with the routine maintenance they provide during the year both whilst we are in France and back in the UK.
We are always kept well informed on the progress of projects and on just the general state of the house and land over that worrying winter period. When we arrive back in France everything is always immaculate, projects are always where we expect them to be and there are never any nasty surprises. We don’t have to start ringing around to find an errant workman or try put things right ourselves, which all makes for a restful time for us.
We never feel at a loss when something happens which we cannot hope to deal with ourselves and have always felt that the reliability and honesty of this team is one of its strongest assets.

Mr and Mrs G. Grainger
Dept. 24 (October 2011)

A long established working relationship of full property restoration, working on site and with local artisans on all aspects of this home.

"We bought an old farmhouse - in need of lots of work - back in 2007.  Spoke
to lots of people about finding someone to manage the work for us while
we're not there, and took Peter on.  We've been very glad we did
ever since, as his standards are high and his experience and access to the
right artisans has saved us lots of time, effort and money"

Mr and Mrs Wilson
Dept. 47 (November 2011)

Landscaping project including driveways, swimming pool and surounding terraces.

We have been very pleased with the service that Peter and Victoria have provided us with throughout the project (build of pool with shutter, paving and landscaping).
Their advice and patience has been invaluable. From the initial planning stages, sourcing of materials, supplying equipment, practical help with the build and installation as well as after-sales support with the inevitable teething problems that we encountered as novice pool owners.
We could not have completed this project and remained sane without their help and experience and would not hestiate in using them again.
Thank you Aspect Plus.

Mr and Mrs G Moss
Dept 47 (January 2012)